Violent Laughter

by Azwan

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Violent Laughter was worked on for 3 torturous years of my early 20's existence. Recorded in Amherst, in the Baseroom, aka the bedroom, the basement. Then mixed and mastered by Jim Matus at the old schoolhouse in Hadley. I got my friends to fill out certain songs that i thought would help the tracks and they did. its a wierd album. its a bit all over the place, my fear was that the songs wouldn't sound cohesive together but fuck it coz later when i heard it i thought it was pretty awesome, and thats what matters right!? less talk more rock. buy it, support me, give me that tit milk so i can buy a van and tour with the Savages. if u don't, don't sweat it, hope u enjoy it and get inspired!

if u want a physical copy email me!


released July 16, 2012

Mixed and mastered by Jim Matus
Photography by Lesley Arak
Trumpet by Seth Allison "fuck my clone"
Back Vocals by Emma Scully "i'm w/ cupid"
Talkbox by Dan Reck "baby boo"
Violin, Metal Shred by Eric Lee "rock+roll, LOL"
Back Vocals by Louise Chicoine "the alarms"
Clarinet by Steven Yarbro "quarter life crisis"
Cop Voice by Jake Slesnik "quarter life crisis"
Wisdom by Maria S. Gonzalez "alarms" "fur"


all rights reserved



Azwan Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Tuxedo
I stand here naked, laughing at myself
hope I'm insured, concerned about my health
my heart is pounding, wondering what you'll think
does my tuxedo really stink?
(hope not)

I'm still in town, walking in the street
with a Burger King crown, no shoes on my feet
my story's old news, I read it in a magazine
everyone was wrong, dissolving like a dream
like a dream

I ate a cat, so I could have 9 lives
year of the rat, confetti fills our eyes
big prom night anthems, was saving soldiers lives
no plane, no funeral, no tickets to the skies

and don't you look nice on this morbid day
yes you pay the price for pretending your ok
I want to travel, unravel your mystique
in your tuxedo you still look like a freak
like a freak

I stand here naked, laughing at myself
hope I'm insured, concerned about my health
wear out your welcome, wear out your new shoes
cause in a moment you'll have nothing to lose
but your mind
Track Name: F*ck My Clone
they say you should love yourself
before you go on and love somebody else
and I found the perfect person
it's worse than you know
yeah you girls are pretty sweet
but you haven't got the feet
to walk in these silver shoes
for one solid week

why? cause I'm in love with myself
yes I'm on my mind
I'm in love with no one else
yeah only my kind
i'm in love with the man in the mirror
oh these thoughts have never ever been clearer
i'm in love with myself
if i could clone myself you know i'd fuck my clone

the idols that I taped to my walls
deflate my ego and make me feel small
and vultures swooping down for the cream
look like poseurs in American dreams
well I can make alotta doe cause I'm good at what I do
and I'm clever enough to know that I'm better than you
I hear snickers in my ears to spite me
"but I'm good enough I'm smart enough…
and doggone it, people like me"


therapy, has pierced my chi
I'm lost, I'm free
I tossed the key
no more me, no more me

they say you should love yourself
before you go on and love somebody else
and I found the perfect person
it's worse than you know

he's got poofy black hair
sexy mustache
big fat lips, he's hilariously brash
he's selfish and rude
armed with attitude
he's got talent and dreams
man he's bursting at the seams
with style and grace
a photogenic face
an abstract mind
and crazy good taste
he's a God on a mission
he's the man with the plan
he's a born rockstar
I'm his #1 fan
oh he's humble and he's kind
incredible and lying
and it's only a matter a time
before he gets into your mind
what a hunk, what a mystery
tougher than Mr. T
if anyone's cooler man you gotta be kidding me

Track Name: The Impulse Kid
"my curiosity.."

he's a little monkey with a joystick
lashing out his tongue like a little prick
he's stealing from the flaming fridge
no burning he's blowing up the bridge
he's sipping on a poor cow's utter
he's making moves on my grandmother
he's shaking down drunks at the bar
he's always taking it too far
running over rabbits on the road
enough bad habits to have a show
picking at the scabs from his face
leaving the party without a trace
trying to make me flinch with a fake punch
just help yourself to my late lunch
you should really cut it out
before i put my fucking knuckles in your mouth

your mad, i'm glad
they call me the impulse kid
i'm sorry but it was funny
looking back on what i did

death bomb morals
getting into quarrels
with squirrels and girls breast
chubby princess
hate love, hate hugs
so fake, fake thugs
no drugs, no dice
don't need your advice
annoying bird whistler
bad french kisser
double rhyme disser
angry wedding singer
fuck the holy house
holy moly retards
v-cards cut up
your highness is a slut
what, what? can't hear you
ain't nobody fears you
big bad beefhead
ski jump hairdo
smash your cellphone
fucking living in a hellhole
snap into a slim jim
and watch out for the elbow

he's a little monkey with a joystick
showing off to the girls his limp dick
when he's ready to be real
he'll tell you how he feels
but for now he's acting like the kid


"my curiosity is killing me just like the cat would be killed by the curiosity YEAH!"
Track Name: Hellvis
forget going out
the night is old
I wake up in the morning
in the freezing cold
I'm like a hell spawn
a hideous man
a soldier at war with the vanity..

man I tell you somethings wrong
Elephant man, Dr. Doom sings along
break my confidence in half
momma says you'll only make it worse

and she's wise

my date went blind
a staring champion
in the bathroom I hide
with a make up kit
the fluorescent lights
the mirror talks
gonna shatter that cows glass box


if I had the looks
(I wanna make love to you)
of the young king
(cause you have a beautiful body)
then I wouldn't feel
(I wanna make love to you)
like swamp thing
(cause you have a beautiful body)
still though..


only make it worse
Track Name: I'm w/ Cupid
another nappy night at the whack open mic
just sipping white russians under low lights
low life's, scumbags rocking scarf cum rags
looking to get laid but I gotta concentrate
cause the spotlights blazing, hell raising time
and a Wee Wee's gotta shine
fine rhymes spilling out like a 40
'till I spot a deaf biddy checking out my goatee
oki doki, who's this smokey cutie apple bumblebee?
I think she's friends with Emily
I've see her round town shaking her booty in the air
gravitate smooth, fluffing up my hair
she's warm like a sleeping bag, sweet like a smoothie
provide the ride home, yo you wanna watch a movie?
"Off Da' Chain's" on and guess who's the star?
it's getting hot and heavy fogging up the car
I could spend the night no I ain't no bed wetter
she couldn't resist a gentlemen in red leather

"so uh here we are….. shit!"
"yo your like my #1 cheesecake, straight up"
"yo this movie's dope right? I told you"
"yo all dudes wanna make out, I just wanna hold you"

and she says..
boy i can sense your sensitivity
and i like what i see
but your strange
and i'd like to know a little bit more about you

who, me? yo!
i got garfield sheets on my queen sized mattress
they call me the public enemy of public access
i'm a wondrous prince with assless chaps
and i only rock 40s, never mess with the Pabst
and i always give daps when we wake up from are naps
and when its bedtime, time for redwine like what sup
you pass that cup
and i'm having mad visions of my emma not diana
and i can't believe i haven't even asked her out to dinner
coz i'm shy
i'm so shy
real talk

gemini goddess bestowed at birth
riding horses butt naked all across the earth
planting beanstocks she's fresh like a garden
bent over in the sun peacocks getting hardened

and she says
boy that cupid must be aiming at me
and i like what i see
i'm feeling strange
but i could see myself loving you

i'm an undercover lover fabio don't know its butter
i'm a double dandy blend i'm a never ending friend
i'm a carnival thug ferris wheel size love girl
i'm a smooth operator ain't no chronic masturbator
ain't no need to thank me after hanky panky
once we get the condom i'll pound you like john bonham
i'm a buy you mad flowers and shag like austin powers
i'm feeling kind of stupid but baby i'm with cupid
Track Name: Baby Boo
its getting random
when your throw a tantrum
your baby anthem's blaring out the window
and yeah they got more gigs
but baby you got wigs
volatile is your style, the scorpio's gone wild

i just wanted to be your lover
but you treat me like your mother
baby boo should i change your diaper
before i go?

bitch about the bands
but your in a bitching band kid
behind their backs with your tongue like an axe
your motivation drugs
steamrolling over bugs
what about me?
what about she?
who are you really running from?

i just wanted to be your lover
but you treat me like your mother
baby boo should i change your diaper
before i go?

read my diary
got you heated
well i read yours
so now we're even
no more secrets
no more pain
stop acting like a child
or maybe i'll hop on the next train

i don't wanna trap you
keep you from your dream
like a permanent tattoo got to stay clean
even if it means you gotta split the scene
and leave me, believe me i don't wanna be
out the window like a wrecking ball
keeping up with you need a pack of aderol
don't have a cow, i need you now
can't we connect like a hairy unibrow?

i just wanted to be your lover
but you treat me like your mother
baby boo should i change your diaper
before i go?

"Today I've been clean off drugs for 3 years, they promised me you was gonna take me to Connecticut to party, I wanna go."
Track Name: Rock + Roll Divorce
hold on
don't go
I'm lost, again
no booze
no sex
like we never had anyways

I know you must despise me
"exactly what I meant…"
but you must realize me

all alone
in my mansion
no more dancing
unplug the phone
fake friends
fate ends
in a wink


look, honey they're playing our song
"don't let me down!"
the one we slow danced to at the prom

hold on
dear father
this is harder
than I thought
inspire my heart
felt so good
from the start
Track Name: Anti-Social Butterfly
"Rock and Roll don't come from your brain, it comes from your crotch! You ever got any Mr. Cute Shorts, you'd know that."

There you go again yeah getting all depressed
with your pill popping palms, all sweaty your a mess
and the heart in your chest is anybody's guess
where it's at, where it was, your alone because your

anti-social butterfly still in your cocoon
anti-social butterfly still in your cocoon

I want to help you
but I'm not mature
your mental blocks have
created steel doors
your in a nutshell
the real world you ignore
you play those lame games
but you'll never score

there you go again yeah getting all spacey
looking to the ground of the bar, you can't face me
calling all the time to your fed up friends
and we try to take you out but it ends ends ends with

anti-social butterfly still in your cocoon
anti-social butterfly still in your cocoon

I want to help you
but I'm not mature
you want her number
tell me what's that for?
you know you won't call her
you won't even bother
you've got a friend request
oh your such a baller


"alright boys, give me an A-N-T-I, that's it! A-N-T-I"

there you go again yeah clowning for attention
but you were clowning frowning in detention
someone cracked a whip that made your lips go "zip"
and everybody knows when baby throws a fit now your


I want to help you
but I don't really care
I ask if your ok
but you just stare
your mind's on fire
yeah your looking grim
dust off that yearbook
read your superlative


I want to help you
I want to help you
I want to help you
but fuck you!

"fuck you too"