by Azwan

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This here is a little collection of songs written in that very tower pictured (well sort of…) at Atlantic Mills in Providence RI. a crazy era indeed.


released June 21, 2013


all rights reserved



Azwan Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Only in Lonelyville
I met this girl out in Lonelyville
pink hair, looks that could kill
tattoo's of a guy named GG
I was glued to her eyes like a TV

she looked me over asked me where I was from
I replied "a place where no one has fun"
she said, "you should come to my show,
my bands playing at the Dead Crow"

so I put on my favorite turtleneck
boo-yah! cologne out the door I left
I made it to an abandoned building
but all I heard was a jackhammer drilling

I went inside it was darkly lit
I got tossed in what you call a mosh pit
I started doing only dance that I knew
the electric boogaloo

all of a sudden I got slammed like a door
and then an angel scooped me up off the floor
coming to my rescue like Willow
she was swinging a strap on dildo

we all danced and thrashed around
she looked so cool in her thorny crown
fake blood on her face dripping down
and out her mouth came the loveliest sound…


afterwards some would call it fate
all I said was, "by golly, your great"
then she downed a handle of whiskey
and said "shut up you punk, just kiss me"

I woke up handcuffed to her bed
I had a silly black mask on my head
I felt a couple strange things in my booty
got to star in her homemade movie

she let me go said, "kid your alright"
I smiled back and said "oh what a night"
she said, "call me when you need a thrill"
and I said, "only... only in Lonelyville"
Track Name: Pat Sajak
check out my beat mane, yeah I made that
come a long way from messing with an 8-track
where them lame's at? I'm getting payback
riding on a big wheel call me Pat Sajak

fresh, like that kid playing chess
looking cool, even in a sweater vest
take a guess why my wild styles blessed
better be quick to draw like the wild wild west
pile-drive the rest like WWF
leave 'em deaf dumb and blind
no you couldn't kick a better rhyme
line after line, it's like a rap roast
last ghost writer I had became a real ghost
keep your trap closed, while I mack hoe's
cock-blocking you jocks on fucking frat row
that's a fact yo, I'm hella weird son
Deceptacon, Azwan never fear none
that's right, speak in 3rd person
murdering you herbs, bigger nerds than Ferguson*
kill 'em softly, kill 'em tender
I'm making beats while you brag about your benders
but Badruzz do booze sometimes to say loose
and obtuse to crews who ain't up on my cous cous
ya'll can chew on my poopoo platter
don't matter, you get fatter with my nonsense
more hate than your Youtube comments
from whence I came, jacked brains from noggins
log in, log out, fuck all that noise bad boys rock out
bad girls, bad wives, dad's bad lies
eyes on the prize, it's right between her thighs
died in her pussy so I've got 9 lives
allergic to my rhymes watch you break out in hives
break out the knives like a prep chef samurai
calling all you out like "HEY YOU GUYS!"


best kept secret, Like Victoria
just wait they'll get bored of ya'
pop goes the weasel and the weasel goes pop
fiend for a needle, leave you fetal in a drop top
on stage can't wait to regurgitate
them old hits but shit now your 3rd rate
desperate times and up goes the murder rate
confused and bent like a question mark vertebrae
scary, getting hairy like Chewbacca
in a straight jacket going "wakka wakka wakka"
mad acid, souls gone flaccid
basket case embrace the late don dada
cop a lotto ticket, playing cricket with a midget
smiley face boxers, looked extra fitted
nobody spit it how I spit when I rip it on the mic
it's night night, walk into that white light
from a great height yeah you might see Azwanicus
perfect stranger, Balki Bartokomous
haunted this metropolis like Banksy
no need to thank me, ya'll are too dainty
try to sympathize but I can't believe these punks
embarrassing like when your family is drunk
faking the funk, like silicone ba-donk-a-donk
alotta people ask, "where the fuck did you come from?"



*(Clarissa Explains it All Ref.)
Track Name: Hipster Paranoia
look who's getting jaded
so opinionated
hard to hear the gossip
until your truly hated
when everyone's a voyeur
do their eyes annoy ya'?
way too cool for school
but you got hipster paranoia

just can't win cause you've seen it all before
swear I'm different but I'm chewing through the floor

those badass tattoo's
they turn me into a boy scout
his haircut's chock full of rodeo swag


kindness is a virtue, tell me now who hurt you?
everyone identify, until we have to let it die

but I love those tight jeans
they actually fit my legs
growing out of fitting in's all in my head

and I'll never be alone
until the kids go home
no I'll never be cool
until I break some rules

baby's getting jaded
so opinionated
Track Name: The Liberator
I bet your wondering now
should I be fighting harder?
for the things I want
for the things I need
spoiled baby oil
are we loyal to each other?
to your lovers
to your mother

oh lord please give me a chance
to show them my new dance
it's called the liberator
living in a refrigerator
with the flies getting burnt by the bulbs
noise bands versus boy bands
everyone will lose control
her soul swingin' on a pole
swinging on a pole

how you like your new town
your so cool, your so down
on Pitchfork, on Facebook
in the tower writing in your little playbook
with your playmates at the potluck
with Picasso and Pollok
and Da Vinci, come pinch me
what a world you could spend with me
what a world you could spend with me

we cannot feel our legs
we cannot feel our face
we cannot feel our crotch
we cannot heal what's lost
Track Name: Troll feat. Emma
(Lyrics by Emma Scully)

I am a seed, protecting me
against your stench
against your eyes
against your voice
so you can't eat my soul
devour it
changing it
making it your own

but under right circumstances I will take in
the sun, the water, heat and soil
I will root where you can't take hold
and I'll make the ground
my very own
Track Name: Summer Sex
back in the play pen...

"you've been gone so long"

but I'm coming back from a heart attack
Azzy was a running back
but I never left haunting every stereo
people be like where'd he go?
but I'm coming back
like a convict in my moms whip
you see I never left
your only cheating baby when your cheating death

and the summer crept in
sweaty wet skin, leggy girls coming in like…whoo!
with the wedding ring gone
and she waited 'till the dawn
to drop the H-bomb
we were flirting 'till we heard the birds chirping out the curtain
cutting loose like Travolta, Uma Thurman
burning up the dance floor
yup your man is a man whore
pussy galore, what most men stand for
so naturally ladies putting up walls
great walls of vagina but I'm swinging wrecking balls
moonwalking, talking like Christopher Walkin
("its crazy")
making her laugh while your Facebook stalking
it's getting hot knocking boots in my coffin
she's at sea world riding on the dolphin
often we make due with the lies
time flies when your fucking desperate housewives

but I'm coming back from a heart attack
Azzy was a running back
summer sex, summer sex, summer sex

but I never left haunting every stereo
people be like there he go!
summer sex, summer sex, summer sex

riding my bike in the middle of the night
lunatics to the left, flashing lights to the right
headphones on and I'm off to the sight
of bunch of horny kids getting rowdy never uptight
so make noise if you wanna get laid
and if you hate I made homemade lemonade
alotta kids my age need some better pay
boning at the protest immune to the pepper spray
sheer pandemonium, rubbing on bodies
head banging biddies, leather jacket hotties
coffee and some saki in my bloodstream
drunk at the fair, bringing the funk and the flair
now I'm slumped in a chair with my tangled up hair
looking at a derriere, a bladder full of piss
and it's all very weird
well I'm going, going, back, back
to the valley, valley
for a summer sex rally


but I'm coming back
from a heart attack
"where the fuck have you been?"
no I never left
I was cheating death

and I'm back on my cool shit
back in Noho at Ye' 'Ole with the pool stick
mackin' like a truck acting quite foolish
make a big splash like I'm driving off the Coolidge bridge
and I'm swimming with these women
mermaid orgy, Lordy I'm living
I'm giving my gift, trying to make you see different
talk a big game but only you know when I'm kidding
Track Name: Benny & Margy Forever
she's gaining weight at Dunkin' Donuts
he's talking pussy with the barber
she's texting him in the bathroom
don't forget about our daughter

they never smoke around the baby
especially at the dinner table
he's telling stories from the 80's
she's wondering what's on cable

he's always kissing his crucifix
when he starts to feel the rage
thinking he'll never get used to this
like getting raped in a cage

she hates his friends with a passion
they come over unannounced
without the decency to ask him
but they brought a 40 oz.

so they party
until they wake up the neighbors
fuck them haters
lets make the papers
he looks at her
she says nothing
but her eyes say
your disgusting

she lets the stress out her eyes
thinking what a bunch of morons
if this were medieval times
there heads is what i'd sharpen my swords on

she selling donuts for his bail
stuck in a ghetto retail
he has the same nightmare in jail
impaled on the tooth of a whale

she puts on her eyeliner
reads his first love letter
black tears smudge the ink
then she starts to feel better
Track Name: Night Owl
how much will I learn in my lifetime?
will I simply go out of my mind?

hope i'm a cool old man
with no big plan
my work ain't done
but I'm passed out in the sun
I write in the dark
until there's a spark
all my ideas
get lost in my heart

how much will I give in my lifetime?
will I feel no guilt if I fight crime?

maybe I will
maybe I won't
will I lose hope?
hope that I don't
will I not care
when I lose all my hair?
inspire some dreams
inspire nightmares

and it all comes out at night
darkness clears my mind
so the ultimate gift is death
where I can't see anything left

how much will I love in my lifetime?
who the hell would hate in there right mind?

I picture you old
your classy elegance
your wrinkles are bold
I haven't seen you since
we was in the cafe
40 years to the day
I love that you can
still look at me
that way.